"A criação geme em dores de parto". (Rm 8,22)

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Confessions of shopaholic

Confessions of shopaholic 

The Impact
in the movie,the character consuming, and reduces slightly ,but whith this act it harms the evironment. if it took less,other people could buy these goodds and would not be necessary to increase production.

3Rs in the film
in the film becky bloom consiming but from de moment she decides to sell her clothes she is recycling and reducing. people who buying are reusing

3Rs in  life
we can use the 3rs in our lives simly by buying only what is necessary or donating things that we don't use ,that way we haelp the evironment.





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Do you really need this?

Before you buy something, think if you really need this! Because all this  harms seriously the nature and always consequences to us!
the production of that for coat, came from an animal, that this race could be extinct today and our quiet , an moreover, creates an ecological imbalance.
Now, thinking about logically , we consume more than we need. the greater the production, and the grater the devastation.
So, before you buy that product because it's cheap or in this fashion, think if you really need it, and when you reach a conclusion, look good or bad you are doing to nature!

Confessions of shopaholic

o nosso grupo fez o trabalho em power point e salvou nas imagens a seguir:

3R´s reduce, reuse and recycle

Recycle: Recycle means to process old, used items in order that the material can be used to make new products. Examples of things that are often recycled are glass, plastic, newspapers

Reduce: reduce refers to lessening the amount of items or resources that are consumed, using only the amount that is needed, and looking for alternatives that will lessen our use.

Reuse: And reuse means extending the 'life' or repurposing an item rather than discarding or throwing it away.

Confessions of a shopaholic

As Becky Bloomwood can help the planet?

Becky Bloom is a beautiful and funny girl. She had every that she want, too much clothes, shoes, accessories, everything that have glamour and style. But, have a problem, Becky buy more things that she can, so, she owes money to the bank. There are things that she can do to improve this, and one of this is use the three “r”. First, she reduces the things that she buys.
It’s not necessary buy one million shoes for example, the correct thing is buy only the things that you really needs. Second, she can recycles her clothes gaving to people who need it most and not throw away or just leaving in your closet.
And, finally reuse her clothes, using their otherwise, for example a shirt that is small, can be a top. Other thing is sell the parts that do not use more. These things are little, but can change the world

In our life

The first stage in reducing the amount of garbage, is to reduce the amount of what we consume. We have that to only buy what we need and not what we find "cool" to enter in " fashion"

Imagine if we could use at least once more the things we consume, how we would be reuse household garbage! To reuse we can transform an ordinary plastic bottle into a pencil holder. Reusing we help the planet
After avoid consuming unnecessary things, reusing others, now is time to think about recycling. Many materials can be recycled and each by a different technique.

confessions of a shopaholic

  The movie is about a girl who is shopaholic, and has a lot of clothes, but what she just doesn’t realize is: Those clothes she buys all the time are very bad for the nature, and a person doesn’t need so many clothes. The planet is needing help, and we have to be conscious about it, and always remember to recycle, reuse and reduce. 


 the environment is becoming one of the most important dimensions of human life. The Society is based on production and consumption, creating uncertainty about the possibility of inventing or reward  the problems caused by industrial modernization.   
Let's recycle :

 If we recicle plastic bags and bottles we can even make c lothes, so Becky Bloom could buy clothes without damaging nature. 

*Reuse is a great way of saving the planet, from a bag to an old couch !

If we reduce our purchases, we will have less garbage, the biggest problem in the world